Mulberry is one of the best fruits in the berry family. It has different names around the world. In India, it is popular by the name of Shahtoot.

The sweet and tangy taste is pretty unique in Mulberry. Not only, mulberries taste great, these fruits are loaded with numerous benefits too.

These berries are the den of nutrients. Vitamins, Minerals, etc. are found in these fruits.

And thus, both in the beauty and health sectors, mulberries are pretty popular. In fact, mulberries find a lot of space in the home remedy section too.

In this article, I am going to talk about 4 such remedies that are pretty popular in households.

Home Remedy #1

  • Mix equal amounts of Shahtoot aka Mulberry and neem
  • Apply the fine paste on your scars and blemishes
  • If you use this remedy twice a week, it would help those scars to fade away

Home Remedy #2

  • Shahtoot leaves are pretty helpful in removing scars
  • Boil the leaves in water and reduce the water into half
  • Now, using a cotton ball, dab the water onto your dark spots
  • Let your skin cells soak the water
  • If you apply this remedy at least twice a week, it would help you to fade away the scars a lot.

Home Remedy #3

  • This is one of the best home remedies for sensitive skin.
  • All you need is a smooth paste made with Mulberry leaves
  • Apply the paste before hitting the bed
  • Wash off with cold water in the morning

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Home Remedy #4

  • On a hot and humid day, this remedy works the best
  • Take a glass of shahtoot fruit juice
  • For added benefits, you can mix it with jaggery
  • Drink it before stepping outside
  • Trust me! It would hydrate your body for really long

So, which remedy did you find the best? Also let us know about your favourite home remedy.



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