If your necessities are to see, look at, and tackle network issues rapidly,  capsa online

Capsa Enterprise Edition is the head of Colasoft Capsa bunch analyzer family, it keeps up both Ethernet and WLAN affiliations. It performs nonstop bundle getting and assessment correspondingly as supporting past-limits evaluation. It is progressed as an instrument for tremendous business network chief to assist them with regulating bit by bit network work, different sorts of affiliation issue and keep up a gainful endeavor affiliation.

or screen client advancement on your affiliation, or you simply need to guarantee that the association’s correspondences resources are made sure about, Capsa Enterprise is an undeniable essential have network the board instrument.

Capsa is a decreased affiliation analyzer application for the two LANs and WLANs which performs consistent gathering getting limit, 24×7 affiliation checking, progressed show assessment, beginning to end bundle unwinding, and adjusted expert finding. Capsa’s comprehensive raised level window perspective on whole affiliation, gives vivacious data to plan chiefs or association engineers permitting them to quickly pinpoint and resolve application issues. With the most easy to use interface and the most astounding information bundle catch and assessment motor in the business, Capsa is an essential contraption for network checking.

Capsa Free is an affiliation analyzer freeware for Ethernet checking, investigating and evaluation. It outfits clients with exceptional experience to figure out some approach to screen network works out, pinpoint network issues, redesign network security. Capsa Free is an unprecedented appearance of Capsa Network Analyzer for understudies, educators and PC nerds to learn shows and structures association headway information.

Gets packs from a particular or distinctive affiliation connectors

Explores the header and substance of each gathering

Gives encounters on MAC and IP address

Exploration Protocol (Data partner – > Application Layer)

Decisions 40 sorts of affiliation issues

Presents encounters in graphs

Cautions Computer network irregularities

Yields packages and logs to records

Logs DNS, web analyzing, Email, FTP and IM associations


Capsa Standard Edition is an Ethernet bundle analyzer expected for structures association authorities or private undertaking network bosses. It is shown as an affiliation contraption for network viewing, investigating and examining purposes.

Capsa Free Edition is a freeware Ethernet bundle analyzer organized by Colasoft for particular use. It is progressed as an instrument for network nerds to learn shows, packs, and various structures association related information, and it is to no end money based for individual or family clients’ affiliation watching or exploring needs. Anybody can download Capsa Free Edition at Colasoft site page for any veritable noncommercial use.

Capsa is being utilized to analyze center issues with no difficulty. It licenses us to run complex channels on packs being reflected from our center. Its a really reliable application that can oversee most traffic with no issue. It is utilized to see traffic from 30k clients and is coordinated by a few people

Capsa is excitedly supported to be utilized in insignificant thick areas of an affiliation where it looks great to have the choice to run appraisal off of a mirror port to get data into traffic plans. It is an over the top thing to introduce in branch locales, and requires a fair spec apparatus to run fittingly.

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