The tourism industry and creative economy in Cirebon can not be separated from the
historical aspect of the city’s growth and development as silk lines in the spread of
Islam, trade, and acculturation is very smooth so that the ethnic diversification becomes
a major part in tourist activities. With a qualitative approach that emphasizes the
phenomenon of ethnic Cirebon with tourist objects that vary in every corner of this city,
then this paper confirms that Cirebon is a tourist destination that is unique in terms of
religion, culture, history, to the creative economy, especially religious tourism that will
create this city as a friendly city for tourists.
Keywords: tourism industry, creative economy, ekspedisi Cirebon heritage tourism, ethnic diversification,
silk road
A. Introduction
City of Cirebon, West Java Indonesia, in national spatial planning based on
Government Regulation No. 26 Year 2008 on Spatial Planning of the National Territory
as National Activities Centre (PKN or Pusat Kegiatan Nasional) which is one of the
development’s metropolitan area, and is part of the leading areas in which
Ciayumajakuning (Cirebon – Indramayu – Majalengka – Kuningan) with the leading
sectors of agriculture, industry, fisheries and mining.
Determination of Cirebon as PKN based on its characteristics is an urban area
that serves as the main node or potentially export-import activities or international
gateway to the region, the center of industrial activities and services of a national scale
or serving some provinces; and / or a major transportation node national scale or serving
some provinces.
Determination of Cirebon as PKN was confirmed also in the Spatial Plan of
West Java Province from 2009 to 2039. The focus of the development of the city of
Cirebon as part of the Regional Development (WP) Ciayumajakuning directed as the
core city of PKN with facilities and infrastructure that is integrated with the sphere of
influence (hinterland), as well as being the main node services and trade and industry in
the area to the east, as well as to activities of cultural and religious tourism (Urban
Development Plan Cirebon Fiscal Year 2015).
The existence of Cirebon, it makes the city became an important place for
economic activity, cultural and religious tourism. Therefore, Cirebon in 2018 as a very
strategic area tourist visits in introducing the unique potential areas such as cultural
diversity, religion, ethnicity, up culinary, also creativity economy of the people. In this
case, Cirebon can position itself as a centre of cultural and creative industries are
integral to tourism.
The Cultural tourism industry is the economic and cultural significance for many
cities, regions and countries. It is oriented on cultural heritage became the location for
tourism activities. Cultural tourism industry with a focus on the potential for travel
industry sites is an important part of cultural tourism. It refers to the development of the
tourism industry on the activity and man-made sites, buildings and landscapes that come
from industrial processes periodization previously (Edwards and Lourdes, 1996). There
are many traditional industrial areas that have suffered a decline spiral for decades, and
promote tourism as a valuable tool for the restructuring of regional and economic
development. Therefore, tourism and the creative industries become important from the
development of space travel in Cirebon.
Based on data 2015 from the Department of Youth, Sport, Culture and Tourism
(Dinas Pemuda, Olahraga, Budaya dan Pariwisata/Disporbudpar) Cirebon, tourist visits
during 2015 to reach 481223 people for domestic tourists, while of foreign tourists
reached 6,831 people. As for the level of hotel stay during 2015 in the city of Cirebon
reached 7957 people for guests from foreign tourists, while hotel guests from domestic
tourists reached 190110 people.
Dana Kartiman (2016), the Head of Disporbudpar Cirebon, confirms that the
increase in the level of overall tourist traffic reaches 15% for domestic and foreign
travellers. The highest level of tourist visits occurred during the Christmas holidays and
New Year 2016 at tourist spots or hotel. A trend increase in tourist traffic in the city of
Cirebon after the opening of overland transportation via Toll Cipali connecting Jakarta –
Cirebon, the target increase in tourist visits in 2016 by 20

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