meet in the dazzling, feel-like-home “Bar in a container” before it authoritatively opens, so we can have our own private space to do the workshop. To start with, we will set the fundamentals and clarify you a couple of general things about blending mixed drinks, mixology and about the items that we use. cocktail workshop

After this, we will pick 3 out of 6 beverages from our menu all together (regarding sensitivities and inclinations, we will rapidly discover a trade off).

At that point, every last one of you will have his own gear and we will combine the beverages bit by bit. Like that you get an ideal opportunity to learn or to rehearse your blending abilities. We will control you, disclose the slip-ups to stay away from, show you the correct signals and obviously we’ll reveal to you the uncommon tips and deceives to make an ideal beverage.

None of our mixed drinks are excessively simple or too difficult to even consider making. They needn’t bother with unique gear, so you have the likelihood to mirror them at home. Be that as it may, we additionally need to make something extraordinary with you, so hope to be a smidgen tested.

After every mixed drink is done, you will check the outcomes, look at them, perhaps alter or tweak something and obviously make the most of your manifestations.

In the event that less, at that point 4 individuals book this visit we should drop and you’ll be discounted.

Hello! We are Luca and Iza.

Iza is a mixologist and the proprietor of the “Bar in a Jar” a comfortable mixed drink make in the core of Kreuzberg zeroing in on make mixed drinks, with unique fixings just from Berlin! Her dad is a nectar creator and organic product maker. We additionally utilize his items to make our special beverages.

I am Luca, I was conceived in Berlin and work as a full-time local area expert throughout the previous 5 years. As a long-term mixed drink lover, I have worked in various bars, done different workshops and managed the point.

Together we are anxious to show you the artistic work of mixology.

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