We’ve discovered the absolute simplest Xbox One games to get 1,000 Gamerscore on. The best part is that it won’t take you a long time to do it. The greater part of these games can be completely finished (with each accomplishment opened) in only a few hours. Without a doubt, it might be cheating—however there’s an explanation nearly everybody that thinks about accomplishments played Avatar: The Burning Earth on the Xbox 360.

The games on this rundown may not give you 1,000 Gamerscore for only 5 accomplishments, however they’re not far-removed.


Tacoma is a touch of an odd Xbox One game. Notwithstanding accepting moderately great surveys, it was anything but a business achievement. That might be because of the class, an exceptional blend of explorative ongoing interaction and analytical work. Consider it like an intuitive show.

From the point of view of somebody looking for accomplishments, Tacoma is a flat out goldmine. The game itself can require a significant stretch of time to play through, yet in the event that you utilize an accomplishment direct you can open each accomplishment the game brings to the table in approximately two hours.

The best part is that Tacoma is a piece of Xbox Games Passa Ultimate. In case you’re an endorser, it’s an incredible method to buff your score without dishing out $20 for a duplicate.


Abzu is a Xbox One game a lot of like Flower on the PS4—a quieting, reflective kind of experience as you investigate a submerged world abounding with life. There is a free story, however it isn’t one to think of home about. The primary intrigue of the game is the feel.

Abzu is certifiably not a long game and has just 12 accomplishments, yet those 12 mean 1,000 focuses. In the event that you utilize a guide, it won’t take you long to get them all. Most players can achieve it in under two hours. Since you can’t kick the bucket in the game, you can’t lose progress.

Tennis in the Face

Tennis in the Face is about what it seems like: a game where your goal is to crush a tennis ball into your adversary’s face. There isn’t considerably more to it than that, yet it’s an OK measure of good times for $4.99.

You can open the entirety of the accomplishments in one to two hours. It isn’t troublesome using any and all means, and in case you’re searching for an approach to give your Gamerscore a speedy 1,000 point help, Tennis in the Face is a strong alternative.

The Station

The class of “strolling test system” has gotten very well known throughout the years. The Station fits the class perfectly—you explore through an abandoned space station and quest for pieces of information to the destiny of the team. It’s an intensely story-based Xbox One game without much ongoing interaction to talk about.

That isn’t really an awful thing, however. On the off chance that you like Gamerscore yet you aren’t the best at games, the Station is perhaps the most effortless title on this rundown. Indeed, you can open each of the 11 accomplishments and get the 1,000 Gamerscore in about thirty minutes.

The story is alright, yet nothing historic—yet dissimilar to such a large number of simple games individuals play for accomplishments, the vast majority will appreciate the story in The Station.

Tempest Boy

In the event that the name sounds natural, it may be on the grounds that you’ve perused the book of a similar name—the book this game depends on. Tempest Boy is anything but a difficult game using any and all means, however nearly everybody will appreciate the experience.

The accomplishments are bolted behind various little games, however they’re basic. There are just 11 accomplishments, and most players will have the option to finish them all in 15 to 30 minutes. You read that right; in the event that you need an extra 1,000 Gamerscore with basically no exertion, get Storm Boy.

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