Foreword, getting familiar with the Google Talk service:

The Google Talk client is a software application that enables its users (people with Google accounts) to instantly communicate with each other via voice calls and instant messages. A very interesting feature, something like an innovation from Google, is that the Google Talk service 우리카지노 supports the different industry standards. In other words, you can connect to the GT service using the official client, or you can use other Instant Messaging programs developed by third parties, or you can even set it up on your BlackBerry. The available clients besides Google’s are Adium, Gaim, iChat, Kopete, Miranda, Psi and Trillian Pro.

Google Talk has been the long awaited entry of this truly global company into the IM and Voice Over IP communications market, where names like MSN, AOL, Yahoo and Skype have already been dictating the game and competing for user’s choice. Considering how intense this market is, Google’s entry will make it even more competitive which is a foundation for developing better products for the end user.

2. Getting started. Download. Install. The Interface:

You can download the Google Talk client from the official web page at An alternative website providing fast and secure downloads is The installation is absolutely straight forward and the setup file itself is less than 2MB.

As mentioned, GT offers Instant Messaging capabilities, combined with high-quality and easy to use Voice-Over-IP calls. The software is totally integrated with Gmail, so all you need in order to login is just your Gmail username (the string before @) and password. Once you have the client installed, you will be asked for your Google username and password to login.

Login and automatically, all your Google buddies will appear in the buddy list. Of course, there is an Add Friend button, a “Search all contacts” field which searches both your Google Talk and Gmail contacts, and a drop-down under your name that lets you set your available/unavailable status and messages. There’s also an Inbox button which takes you to Gmail, plus Help and Settings.

3. The technology behind Google Talk:

The developers of Google Talk have employed the open source XMPP protocol for the instant messaging feature, while the VoIP functionality is based on another protocol known as Jingle. Those are the publicly known facts, but Google hasn’t disclosed any information on the technology behind their server network.

XMPP stands for Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, open source protocol based on XML, designed for real-time instant messaging. The exact definition of XMPP as given in RFC3921 is “a protocol for streaming XML [XML] elements in order to exchange messages and presence information in close to real time.”

The implementation of the XMPP protocol has allowed users of Google Talk to chat with users of other chat services as long they are based on XMPP. For example, Gizmo Project users (refer to can IM Google Talk users using the Gizmo application. All you have to do in that case is click on Add Contact, and find the given person by his Google ID. The opposite (GT to Gizmo) is also possible, by clickin ‘Add Friend’ and then entering the Gizmo User Name.

Jingle extends the features of Jabber and XMPP and it’s responsible for the transfer of multimedia content such as voice or video. Jingle is a new protocol created by Google and the XMPP Standards Foundation.

4. Google Talk keyboard shortcuts:

There are some neat Keyboard shortcuts that will definitely help you work better with the program. Here they are:

CTRL + MOUSEWHEEL UP/DOWN: changes the size of the current font

CTRL + E: centralizes the selected text

F9: opens Gmail and automatically fills in the To: field with the email address of the person you were talking with when pressing F9

F11: starts a call

F12: stops the call

ESC: closes the chat window on focus

If you want to write your text in bold font, enter it in between *your text*. To make it italic, type in _your message_.

5. Running multiple instances of Google Talk:

This feature is really useful if you have several Gmail accounts, for different purposes (personal, work, etc), but you don’t want to keep logging on and off of them. Switching from one account to another all the time and not being able to communicate with all of your buddies can be really frustrating. This problem is solved using the ‘nomutex’ option.

Mutexes are used by programmers to orchestrate exclusive access to a resource. Simply put, creating a mutex guarantees that another program (or instance of the same program) can’t access the same system resource (memory). By default, when Google Talk is started, it first attempts to create a mutex, and if does so successfully, then it continues and never releases the mutex, until the Google Talk is terminated (at that point Windows deletes the mutex). However, if the mutex creation fails, then Google Talk knows that another instance is already running and it just stops, so only one instance of GT can be used at a given moment.

To avoid that, you need to stop that mutex from being created in the first place. Here is how you can do that. Press the Start button on your Windows Taskbar and click Run. In the Open field enter:

“c:Program FilesGoogleGoogle Talkgoogletalk.exe” /nomutex

Now you are free to open as many Google Talk instances as you want, and login with your different Gmail accounts at the same time.

6. GTalk’s command line parameters:


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