If you lead a busy a busy life then you will probably find it difficult to find the time to look for that special someone. Apart from making the usual rounds of the bars and clubs, your speed dating options can be somewhat limited. You could maybe place a personal ad, but then who knows what response you’d get. Internet dating sites give you more information, a profile and a photo, which helps, but you only have a picture to go by. If you want to see real, live people, then speed dating is probably for you because you get to meet your potential date, and so you could be asking yourself, is speed dating for me?

If you use a paid service to help you find a partner there is no guarantee that you will be successful, but you can meet more people than you normally would, and it’s a great time saver on the usual methods.

Speed dating is a relatively simple concept. The venue is usually at a hotel or an upmarket bar. There are an equal number of male and female hopefuls, who are all within a certain age range. There are tables at which the ladies sit and the men move from table to table at the end of each time period. Each speed date can last from anything from 3-8 minutes. At the end of each date you mark on a card whether or not you want to see each other again. If you both do then your contact information is passed on. You cannot exchange contact information at the speed date. Are you still asking, is speed dating for me?

Is 3 minutes long enough for you both to make an impression, I don’t know, there are some that say 4 minutes, and of course some that say longer.

The great thing is that you are all in the same boat. Theoretically everyone is single, and you are all looking to meet someone, which is a lot easier than drifting from bar to bar hoping to find someone. One of the difficulties in meeting someone in a conventional environment is having to work up the courage to find out if they are single and ask them out, the speed date does away with this problem.

Instead of having to shout over loud music or whatever, you are meeting in quiet, comfortable surroundings where you can talk normally. Even though you might only have 3 minutes, being able to talk normally makes it a lot easier to spark a connection than shouting at someone in a crowded bar. Are you starting to wonder, is speed dating for me?

If you just cannot stand one of your dates, then at least it will not be long before you are rid of them.

Because a speed date targets a certain age range you might find people you would not normally speak to, because unlike an ordinary date you cannot choose who will be there. But you could be lucky.

There is no pressure on you to accept or reject a date so you can feel more at ease with your speed dates. The only real problem about this form of dating is the time that it takes to get to get your feedback, if you have met someone really special it could be the longest wait of your life. But all the same, are you still asking, is speed dating for me?

If you only have a few minutes to make an impression then there are some things that you need to do. Treat each date with respect, listen to what they have to say and respond to it, and don’t monopolize the conversation, you are both there to learn about each other! Whatever you do, don’t drink too much, dutch courage is one thing but making a fool of yourself is not. Look your best, be yourself, and no matter how much you need to connect to someone don’t come across as desperate.

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