The author Marty Angelo, a man of many hats, is a well seasoned man who has lived through a very tumultuous life. He has gone from being a band promoter, disco television producer, bartender and convicted drug dealer to finally becoming an ex con and a born again Christian running a (prison / drug addiction recovery) ministry today. Through his time spent in prison, Marty Angelo has been given a unique privilege and opportunity from God to help countless people who have lost hope through drugs and through living rebellious lives.  Marty Angelo has a website which he uses to share all kinds of resources to help drug users, ex convicts and the incarcerated find peace and hope through God. Marty Angelo is available for interviews, radio shows, T.V. promotion and speaking engagements’ to people who want to hear his story and receive from his ministry.

Book description/ Summary

“Once Life Matters” is 209 pages long. It is a small sized paperback auto biography of Marty Angelo. The cover art depicts a man standing either in a sunset or as the sun is rising to depict a new beginning. The concept is good because it does lend itself to Mr. Angelo’s life with his own new beginning. The back of the book as well as the inside forward are loaded with many great testimonies from friends and acquaintances’ through Marty’s life. I enjoyed reading them as they were very genuine and helpful in getting a feel for the general demeanor of the text. The small physical size of the book also makes it appealing because it can easily be read in only a few hours. I rate the layout of this book as good.

“Once Life Matters” is about the life journey of Marty Angelo. He puts down on paper the struggles and bad decisions that rebellion can cause in one’s life. Through this drama we get a peak of what it’s like to be on the fast track and almost “making it” from the worlds stand point. Mr. Angelo astutely points out to the reader that God had his hand on his life while he continually spiraled down into the depths of this party lifestyle. Throughout the text of the book the author places scripture in appropriate intervals and places that relate God’s point of view on the subject that we are reading about. Marty’s road to riches and fame is painted for us in a real life gritty fashion and Mr. Angelo does a good job of relaying much of the feel of what it was like to live that life style. What he doesn’t write is easily picked up between the lines and many if not most will relate to portions of this story.


I chose this book because it said “new beginning” on the cover. I knew what that meant instantly. I knew that someone had an experience with God that forever changed their life. God is in the business of giving people new beginnings and they are always the most interesting to read about. God’s ways are filled with lots of dramatic changes and truth. This story totally fits with Gods style and formula and I was not disappointed. This book was fast paced and it didn’t bog down at all except I did just briefly feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of “bad” that happened to Mr. Angelo. The book easily makes me ponder over all the misguided people wasting their time and talent at bars and nightclubs pursuing a party lifestyle and the author does a great job of describing the realities of somebody in this world. Throughout the book Mr. Angelo’s decisions to remain in this alcohol/ drug culture takes him across the paths of some pretty sinister people and it’s only through God’s mercy that he gets out of one bad scrape after another. His story is a good testament of how wrong decisions can take us down one destructive road after another and that if God is not directing our course than Satan is by default, and you are ultimately doomed. The author describes for us in detail how he made many wrong decisions because he was trying to impress the wrong crowd and because he was trying to fill a hole in his heart. I was drawn to this story because bits of it registered with my own life and I am sure many others would feel the same way. I want to repeat – This book is written for every man or women who struggle like Marty did. “Once Life Matters” is a book describing Marty Angelo’s problem with an age old issue called “rebellion”. He is running away from something and it’s a heart wrenching struggle as he finds himself. Marty did a good job of relaying the truth to us, but it is no small miracle that Marty Angelo is here today, it is only through God’s mercy. Finally, I want to say that from everything I have ever read, God likes to use messengers who are usually firebrands of energy because he wants the word carried out under all kinds of circumstances and adverse conditions. God brought Mr. Angelo through the fire and he is now able to use this energetic and humble man to deliver a powerful message with this book as a door opener to many a troubled heart.


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