Islam provides a code of conduct in the form of the Holy Quran. There are different verses of the Holy Quran about peace. We can easily say that the Holy Quran is full of verses about peace.


The history of Islam is full of such incidents about peace. We have the greatest example of peace the conquest of Makkah in history. People often used to shock when they know about this Incident. Prophet PBUH spent 13 years in the city of Makkah after announcing the prophethood. This period was full of agony and trouble for our beloved Prophet PBUH and his companions. The people of Makkah did not leave any stone unturned, teasing them. After this period, Prophet PBUH and his companions migrated toward Medina, here also they did not let them spend life in peace, the people of Makkah fought three wars with them. After all these incidents, When Prophet PBUH conquered Makkah, he left them without taking revenge with sympathy and love.



Islam does not only give clear instructions for peace but to take practical steps to establish peace; for example, it does not let it believers to do oppression on people and nation also. It is our religious duty to bring peace to our society.


Ayat and Hadith that prove Islam is a religion of peace, are in a great number.

In Surah Baqrah verse no 190, Allah says in the Holy Quran,

‘ (the believer) can struggle in the way of Allah against those who became aggressors in relation to you, but you do not aggress. God does not express love for those who become the aggressor.’


In the present verse, the Holy Quran indicates in clear words that the believers of Islam are strictly prohibited to commit atrocities, we are warned by the statement that God does not express love for those who commit oppression and creates trouble for the people.

Prophet PBUH described several conditions of holy war, which is fought in the way of Allah Almighty, for example, do not cut a tree, don’t kill a sick person, don’t deliberately destroy buildings, we are strictly prohibited not to force someone to accept Islam. We cannot behead those who surrender themselves. We are not allowed to kill the person who ran away to save his life. We are also not allowed to kill the religious personalities of a different religion. We cannot kill the old person in the holy war. We are supposed to treat well with our prisoner of war.

In Surah Baqrah, verse no 190,

‘if they fail to qualify the conditions, then God is forgiving, the most merciful.’

Allah himself takes steps to promote peace and tolerance like in the present verse, Allah says if the believers fail to qualify the conditions given by Allah Almighty and Islam, Allah Almighty is merciful and beneficial, he always ready to forgive us. It shows Allah himself promotes the feelings of peace and tolerance. We should also act upon the advice given by Allah Almighty and Islam to promote peace and tolerance. It becomes our religious and collective responsibility. We should fulfill this responsibility.

In Surah Baqrah, in verse no 256, Allah says that there is no oppression regarding the religion of Islam.

‘There is no force where the imposition of religion is taken into consideration.’

The religion of Islam was given by Allah Almighty to us. It is the code of conduct to spend life without transgression or oppression. It is the great characteristics of the religion of Islam that it cannot be imposed by force and oppression. In the history of Islam, we can see the example that the inhabitants areas captured by Islamic forces were allowed to practice their religion in their worship places.


In chapter no 5, verse no 32, Allah said in the Holy Quran about peace,

‘And whoever kills the soul who is innocent, it is like he killed the whole humanity.’

Killing is an act that disturbs the peace of society and the country. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited in Islam. The holy Quran said it is not the killing of just one person, but it is the killing of the whole of humanity. Prophet PBUH, in his last sermon, said about the life of a Muslim, it is more sacred than the Holy Kabbah. We should act upon the advice of Allah Almighty so that we can make our earth a better place to live in.


In Chapter no 6, verse no 151, Allah said about the killing of the people,

‘Do not kill your children due to poverty, do not kill the soul; the killing of which is not allowed except in a legal way. He has instructed for which you may need a reason.’


In the present verses, Allah says in the true book of holy Quran to the believers of Islam that you are not supposed to kill anyone without reason, but there are some legal reasons to kill someone, for example, if the person kills someone without any reason, it is necessary according to the rules of Islam that the person should be killed because of deliberately loss of lives, there is some other reason, without these reasons, we cannot kill the person.


In chapter no 8 verse no 61, Allah says in the holy Quran about peace,

‘and if they go to peace, (You) go to peace and completely believe in Allah, indeed he is the one who all hears and knows all.’

In the present verse of the Holy Quran, Allah says if your opponents or competitors are willing to bring peace, the believers of Islam do not have any reason to go into aggression; they are strictly prohibited from committing any kind of aggression. In the last, Allah warns the believers that if you did this and understood it could be kept hidden, you should keep in mind that Allah knows everything which you keep hidden or obvious.


In chapter number 5, verse no 8, Allah says about being just,

‘o you who keeps believing in us, be firm while standing for Allah, the witness in serving justice, and do not let the hatred of the people from being just, be just which is near to the right.’

Justice and peace are both important things that are necessary for each other. If a society has a sound justice system, it will progress more without any hindrance; if it has a weak system of justice, it will get damaged badly. In the present verse, Allah is clearly terming that do not be afraid of being just for the hatred of the people or any big thing. In the last, he is saying that being just is a great thing; it is near to be right. Allah loves those who love being just. Justice is one of the great components of Islamic society.

In Surah baqarah , verse no 205, Allah said about corruption,

‘Allah does not express likeness for corruption.’

In the present verse, Allah is himself saying that he does not like corruption. It necessarily means that he does not like the people who do corruption. The word Corruption was used in a broad manner. Corruption in any terms disfigure society, for example, if it is of financial corruption, the person who does financial corruption, grabs the financial right of other members of society. In the last, we can say that corruption in any term generates a lot of other problems.


In chapter number 31 and verse number 19, Allah states in the Holy Quran,

‘And be moderate while you are walking and make your voice low. ‘

We all know that we face countless problems in our society. Sometimes, we arguments for our rights and makes our voice high; it disturbs the peace of society. In the present verse, Allah tells us that make your voice slow if you are exchanging arguments about your rights.


If you are aware that I am trying to grab the rights of others, do not make forward your steps, you should not do that, respect other’s rights generates happiness, and promotes peace in society.


In the Quran, there are different places we can see that Allah gave us in order to promote peace and tolerance. It is a beautiful component of Islamic society. If one is trying to destabilize the peace of society, Allah has made visible punishments for those people who are regarded as anti-social personalities. We should also condemn those people who try to grab the rights of other people illegally. It is our religious and social responsibility.


There are different holy Quran verses of peace and tolerance, which give us lessons to promote peace and tolerance. If society has these two things, it will progress more because everyone gets their share and equally contributes to promoting a healthy society.


We should try to promote peace so that we can make progress. On the level of the nation, it gets the most important status because, without peace, the country or the nation does not make progress .

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