In any great movement which effects great change during a nation or nation , there’s something called a watershed moment. A watershed moment is that one signature event that triggered the onslaught of great and historic change. In American history, that watershed moment could be the Boston party . But within the context of black history, particularly once we consider the central role that the civil rights movement has played in black history during this country, there’s really only one watershed moment that virtually anybody who understands black history will point to.

That event happened on December 1, 1955 on an easy city bus when a Black woman by the name of Parks got thereon bus. When the bus became crowded, the busman ordered Ms. Parks to relinquish her seat to a man as was the cultural order of things at that point . But Parks wasn’t curious about seeing that cultural order of things continue. She refused to offer up that seat.

The explosion of shock and social change that was released by that one simple act of direct action is that the watershed moment that anyone suffering from the civil rights movement points to at the foremost important event in modern black history. Parks was arrested for not giving her seat up that day and therefore the trial for that act of direct action delivered to the national spotlight another important leader within the civil rights movement by the name of Dr. Luther King, Jr.  Buy Gmail accounts instant delivery

This one event began to escalate and gather energy within the black community. it had been an exciting and somewhat frightening time because the black community was energized and commenced to arrange around these two courageous leaders and therefore the result was the foremost powerful civil rights protests within the history of the movement occurred which came to be referred to as the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

There are many reasons why such an easy event has had such a strong effect on nation like it did on the black community of the fifties. Clearly the frustration and gathering power of a movement was already building within the black community. A situation like this will best be described as a tinderbox that’s just expecting a spark for it to explode into fire. When that straightforward Black woman finally decided that she was not getting to sleep in servitude to the man and she or he put her foot down and said NO, that was the spark that set the civil rights movement in motion.

Rosa Parks wasn’t a trained instigator or a talented manipulator of groups. Because she was just a citizen and an easy woman with simple daily needs, that itself was a strong statement that this was the time for the community to require action and effect change. She wasn’t even looking to start out a nation changing civil rights movement when she refused to offer up her bus seat. As she said later in an interview about the event…

“I would need to know for once and for all what rights I had as a person’s being and a citizen of Montgomery, Alabama.” then in her autobiography, My Story she elaborated that… “People always say that I didn’t hand over my seat because i used to be tired, but that isn’t true. i used to be not tired physically, or no more tired than I usually was at the top of a working day. i used to be not old, although some people have a picture of me as being old then. i used to be forty-two. No, the sole tired i used to be , was uninterested in giving in.”

Rosa Parks won the proper to be treated as a person’s being for herself and for her people across America and even round the world together with her simple act of direct action . She is an idea to us all that we too must demand the proper of straightforward human dignity for all people that are citizens of this great land. and therefore the story of Rosa Park’s defiance shows that if we demand that, it’ll be won

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