Recycle Your Vocabulary Words As Much As Possible

In light of what we mentioned above…recycle the words that you are learning at every opportunity. Look for them while you are reading. Listen to podcasts where you think you might hear them. And think them in your own English to Arabic head as often as you can. I highly recommend the use of mini-stories to recycle the words through the use of mini-stories. It’s really simple actually. Whenever you learn a few new words, try to make up a crazy story where you use those words often. Then tell the story to everyone you can. It works great because you are putting the words inside a context that is easy to for you to remember.

It’s much better to have smaller vocabulary of 1000 commonly used words that you can use to express yourself effectively. So, make sure you learn words deeply and activate them so that they are on the tip of your tongue when you need them. Focus on reviewing your vocabulary frequently and often…as you add in new words and develop your vocabulary

Read in the new language. Even if you don’t understand all of the words in a foreign newspaper, book or magazine, you can pick out new words and look up their definitions as you go along. This will help you understand a lot of new words in context and also help you learn about sentence patterns and structure. While this an advanced skill to acquire when learning new vocabulary in a foreign language, it’s still an effective way to become proficient in a new language.

Learning new vocabulary words doesn’t have to be difficult. Incorporate different activities and games into the learning process so you can understand sentence structure, grammar and context as you learn each new set of words. These strategies will help you speak and write in the new language like a native speaker.

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