2014, being a Universal 7 Year will achieve a more noteworthy reflection on the past with the goal that we may figure out how to enhance it and work for what’s to come. The SEVEN requires a more profound investigation of circumstances with more prominent idea and thought given to the convictions and activities which we hold. This is a year for envisioning the future through more exploration and examination to numerology reading more readily comprehend the ‘why’ of things. We should attempt to induce a quiet and consistent methodology in directing the strategy. In numerous examples, individuals will be hoping to ace and flawless that which they do, utilizing the exercises of the past as an establishment for enhancements later on, rather than starting new ventures and beginning without any preparation. It will be this kind of conviction framework and mentality that will prompt enactment for public improvement. Nationalism may take on new and more profound importance without the sectarian gap of “…you’re either with us, or against us”. 2014 could see an expansion in the development of the GNP of countries around the globe and monetary improvement is an exceptionally solid chance.

2014 may likewise achieve a more prominent enthusiasm for nature, cultivating and horticulture as individuals work to fortify their association with Mother Earth and hope to turn out to be more pondering and intelligent on the between connectedness of life. This could prompt a more grounded pattern toward protection and the nature as individuals show more noteworthy intrigue and concern. As SEVEN is an ‘inside’ number we will find that the foundation requests more prominent consideration, particularly with ventures that include water (flexibly, conveyance, treatment and wellbeing). Finally, we may locate a more scrutinizing and intelligent tone being communicated in the media as a more philosophical and mystical perspective on the world and world occasions turns out to be more ordinary. 2014 may likewise achieve more enthusiasm for the regions of religion, otherworldliness, power, mysterious lessons and the mysterious as individuals hope to more readily get themselves and the world and universe in which they live. This may likewise achieve an expansion and familiarity with clairvoyant marvel and capacities. Many may discover motivation, direction and information through dreams, instinct, and the mindfulness and utilization of already obscure individual capacities in the natural domain. Due to the SEVEN’s relationship with arithmetic and science, this year may likewise give incredible advances and disclosures in those universes just as in the realm of medication. In general in social orders far and wide, we may encounter an expansion recorded as a hard copy, instructing and the longing to realize which will prompt a more prominent enthusiasm for training and potential enhancements and changes in the structures of how we educate and learn. 2014 ought to likewise achieve a more noteworthy spotlight on wellbeing and prosperity both separately and altogether. On the seventh day God rested and in 2014 there might be a group and individual want to re-charge, re-evaluate and re-direct the energies.


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