The Mercury Mariner Hybrid has been created by the Ford Motor Company so as to be able to “build a better world.” In fact, “build a better world” are the exact words used by the company upon describing the Mercury Mariner Hybrid. And one of the latest models for this vehicle has been refreshed especially for this year. forumbusiness

A combination of gasoline power plus electric power is what makes the 2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid run. In fact, this kind of technology is also used in the Ford Escape Hybrid which has already gained fame and fortune in the auto world. The platform from which the Mercury Mariner Hybrid was built on is the same as that of the Ford Escape Hybrid. Though there are some Mercury motor parts that could also be used on other vehicles, there are still specific auto parts made especially for this green and environment friendly vehicle.

Sport utility vehicles are known to be gas guzzlers and also have been famous for being belchers. But not the Mercury Mariner Hybrid. This vehicle might be an SUV but it can run on the most inexpensive fuels and would also have less harmful emissions. The engine for this automobile is a 2.3 liter DOHC Duratec I4 gas engine which has been crafted using aluminum. Every part of it is made from this material. polecane-strony

What is exciting and new for the Mercury Mariner Hybrid is that when it is just coasting, the engine will automatically shut down. This function also turns on during stoplights or when stuck in heavy and slow moving traffic jams. And with that, the results are great benefits for 2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid owners. They are able to save much on fuel expenses. And the environment also benefits much from the cleaner emissions that the vehicle spews off.

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