so it’s another day and there’s always some fresh gadgets to evaluate here on unbox therapy as you’ve learned at this point in time these ones are a bit a bit weird well one of them is weird this one is weird this is a screen holder thing that you wear on your leg it’s a it’s a way to prop your phone in front of your face without breaking your neck I look I don’t know man I’m telling you stuff just shows up but there’s a couple of other items but we’re gonna start with this screen holder thing and then which I go the others after so the world’s most convenient screen holder they say it’s the modern-day TV stand watch simply hold in action so let’s check out a few seconds of the video clip here so Mobile Phones Repairs there’s like a kind of arm that maneuvers into place and then it’s a pretty typical phone holder at that point but what’s different and weird about it is that as it goes onto your thigh they expect at least this video seems to indicate that you’re gonna be on the couch that you’re gonna be reading your guitar tabs while you’re playing it’s how you’re gonna be petting the dog you’re even gonna take it with you on the go which is the part to kind of blew my mind so I think at some point in this video this guy’s on the on the bus and he’s got it strapped on the leg on the bus he’s saving his neck he’s super comfortable there he is that’s him so what do they sell this thing for this is not a Kickstarter so full is a company they sell it for $34.99 and you can actually buy it now via their website I think most people are just gonna do what they do on their phones with just watch YouTube watch videos scroll feeds and maybe save their neck because you know how it goes you get your neck at the neck cranked up in here you can’t get comfortable you wither if you’re in bed or on the couch you can get comfortable where do you put the phone or you get the phone overhead and you’re dropping it on your face I mean I don’t do that but I hear that happens one thigh fits all looks like it okay yeah that’s I mean my thigh can get in there and it has a hard plate in it so it’s actually anchored there that’s probably to reduce wobble but that’s something I’m a bit concerned about the wobble in general cuz even in their video it looks like if you move out all the things kind of might drive me crazy I don’t know just saying so this is the phone mount will it hold a big phone we’re gonna find out I have a s 20 Ultra here the gooseneck and that is robust far more robust than I expected this thing is like a weapon this thing is solid this piece here it’s gonna unscrew and the end whew so that clips in that’s pretty sturdy even without screwing it on but then once you screw it like this it’s going to be completely tight in there look at this well I built contraption hey man I looks it looks crazy but does it work does it serve the purpose I don’t know putting it on my thigh tighten it up and now I have my phone on my leg she’s not something I thought I would ever have happened my phone is now on my leg insert it like so you know wide okay all right check this out that’s on the leg there I gotta tighten this more now actually that’s a heavy phone yeah yeah but no I don’t know man it definitely wobbles a little more than I’d like but I kind of expected that um look if if you’re in the market if you need something like this if if you’re looking at this right now and that’s exactly what I need my neck is killing me you got some kind of an issue but I just can’t ever imagine myself strapping into that 8’s I don’t and this is coming from a guy who yeah I look at my phone and it’s just the overcoming the hurdle of honey where’s my simply hold you know and then I’m sitting over there and I got the thing in and she’s looking at me strange and I just can’t it’s a cool idea and and trust me I I feel the pain of the neck if you’re looking at your phone for a while but the one way I can see it is how they said with learning the guitar or something where that could be difficult to figure out where to place your phone and you do want it close to your face you wouldn’t want it close to your face if you’re looking at a tutorial or something like that maybe I’m the wrong guy you let me know in the comments maybe that’s exactly what you’ve been looking for maybe you need to be simply held okay next up I have this thing called DG rule this is a kind of docking station for a laptop well in this case it’s actually for a MacBook they do make a few different models from what I understand what can I say about life with a MacBook you’re probably aware you start to live have to live the dongle life because you only get one port a USB type-c connector Thunderbolt port it really sucks to be honest you you wish that there was a more versatility of ports granted having the Thunderbolt throughput is a nice thing as well and if you do buy a product like this you gather back some of those ports I think this is a cool solution compared to the dongle life because those things hanging off the sides it’s it’s a bit annoying I’ve lived that life so I happen to know that it’s been annoying they’re gonna have USB type-c multifunction up to 5k or two times 4k 60 Hertz display so that’s nice to have that means you’re gonna output two displays you dock into here it’s got your keyboard and everything hooked up to it now you’re all set and ready to go and then it’s kind of the one cable situation where you just show up plug in and everything lights up which is something I always wanted now I did showcase a while back a keyboard that had some of this functionality in it I’ve actually been using it because it has an SD card slot in it as well so this one had type C in type C out micro SD SD HDMI and for traditional USB ports in one keyboard and that was kind of a cool implementation it brought a lot of ports back and made it really accessible by putting it right in front of you and the other cool thing about this if you work with anything Windows Mac laptop desktop doesn’t matter you just connect it via type C so you have to like the keyboard though does it take take a little while to get used to so the way this thing works as I understand this kind of clips in how does this work actually oh yeah so it’s sort of spring-loaded over here on the side I’m dead and the day yeah it’s a new day actually I didn’t realize I didn’t have this laptop I didn’t have a 15-inch MacBook Pro here so I brought one I have one now and we can finally test this thing out it clips on I think it’s spring loaded over to the side and it clips on I think they kind of intend in some cases for you to leave this thing on permanently that some people are gonna just put this into their laptop bag with all these newfound ports and then over here on the other side there’s a little nub that fits into the headphone jack to hold it in place and then that’s kind of well that’s what you end up with right there you could carry like this it does add of course a little bit of weight to it but oh so now you have a whole different laptop now I know what you’re saying you’re thinking to yourself man if you need all those ports why don’t you just buy a laptop that has them because those laptops do exist so obviously this is exclusively for people who are destined to stay on book and want to adapt the MacBook to their needs all rights on the back of the unit yes that’s your power input headphone jack typical traditional USB tines three SD micro SD DisplayPort HDMI it’s also got these little vents on the bottom I believe it attempts to remove some of the heat from your unit and that may happen just from the angle as well you have a little bit more airflow underneath the laptop and then once you open it up you’re also getting a slight incline to the deck so it may create a slightly nicer typing experience as well for some reason there’s a number of docks out there for MacBook Pros that don’t supply enough power they’ll supply 60 watts 75 watts something in that neighborhood and essentially what that means is if you leave the thing dock and you use resource intensive apps like Final Cut or something like that you could deplete the battery even when it’s plugged in and then I heard the chime so we are up and running yes we are charging currently so that’s very nice now they claimed that that’s gonna pass through a hundred watts of power so that’s more than enough for this particular laptop it could be a nightmare at times when you’ve got your laptop and you need to plug something in and you don’t have that particular dongle with you or adapter most often it’s gonna be a USB type-a that you have to plug in and then you remember oh I have no USB type a port so I really wish that these MacBooks had at least one USB type a port they don’t oh the shipping the estimated shipping is April 2020 so it’s all happening right now and in Canadian dollars they want a hundred and fifty bucks so yeah that’s around a hundred US I don’t think it’s a terrible deal the thing is made out of metal the last one for me is this little guy right here in this video it’s from ravpower now you know I’ve been talking a lot recently about power bricks the ultimate power brick looking for a single power brick for all your devices and I’ve shown off a number of gang chargers which allow for greater power delivery in far smaller packages this one is all about portability at the expense of some of the power delivery so this is a 45 watt charger is that gonna be enough for everybody in probably not but if you’re in that camp this thing is teeny-tiny I’m gonna compare it with a couple of other charges over here from recent videos so for example this is a Huawei charger this is supercharged capable 40 watts ok prong sticking out here is this is a third-party 18 watt that’s about the same size as huawei’s actually we always third a 40 watt is pretty good this is a pretty good included charger to get 40 watts in a package like that this is the turbo power charger from the recent Motorola edge plus video this is also going to be 18 watt this is nothing wrong with this charge this is fast as well but that’s a 30 watt so you’re typically looking at things around this size this level of chunkiness and more often than not they’re gonna have the prongs sticking out so putting this in your pocket is kind of an unpleasant experience if you want to travel with it and you don’t want to carry a bag or something you want to put in your pocket this is truly pocketable because of how slim it is and the fact that the prongs fold up it doesn’t have a fancy multi port setup it’s a single type-c connector it’s lightweight the other nice thing about this one it’s not crazy expensive it comes in white black on Amazon I think it’s around 35 bucks so I understand some of the apprehension around those hundred dollar chargers because then you’re saying man I don’t want to spend that kind of money fast charging old way to say it makes a tiny little high-pitched noise actually if I bring this to the mic you can probably hear it maybe I don’t know maybe not I think these could be a really good option for people who pick up the new iPhone se for example why would you go and buy apples what do they sell is it a 20 water and each Apple sells a $30 18 watt upgrade and it’s gonna have a type C it terminates in a type C and it has no fancy folding or portability so honestly that’s a user who I think could take advantage of something like this or how big is the power brick the MacBook Air also uses a 45 watt power adapter so this if you’re in Apple ecosystem you’ve got a MacBook Air and an iPhone that’s shipped with a five watt charger and an iPad this 45 watt could do all those different devices all right so there you have it some fun gadgets simply hold your thigh warned smartphone movie theater don’t you forget it

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